Commercial Window Film and Blinds

Control and Ambience

Our window films can be applied internally or externally to existing glass and windows providing a cost-effective way to upgrade existing glazing. The benefits can transform your environment.When you’re looking for a reliable window film company that offers installation, don’t hesitate to contact Westgate, always here to help you find …a better way.

Solar Control

  • Reduce solar heat gain by up to 86%.
  • Protect our environment by minimising air – conditioning energy consumption.
  • Solve harsh sunlight glare.
  • Block ultraviolet radiation – the main cause of fading.

Safety & Security

  • Comply with current health & safety legislation.
  • Safety, security & bomb-blast protection.

Privacy & Aesthetic Enhancement

  • View control solutions for privacy, modesty & security.
  • Improve the visual impact of your building.

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